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Welcome to the website of CEDL

CEDL is a consultancy specialising in Process Safety. 

Process safety is a term used to describe all aspects of managing the risks from hazardous substances e.g. Biomethane, Natural Gas, Unconventional Gas, Fuel Oils, Chemicals, LPG, LNG, Toxic Chemicals, flammable substances, explosive substances etc...

The "risks" may be to employees, the public, the environment or financial.

CEDL is owned and operated by Director Russell Spriggs.  All work is either carried out by the Directors or by specialist associates directly supervised by the director.

Our services are supplied into many and varied Process Industries. Typical industries include:

  • Liquefied Natural Gas Storage and handling
  • Natural Gas Transmission
  • Natural Gas Above and Below Ground Storage
  • Bulk Chemicals Manufacture.  For example  Polymers, Paint, Esters, Glycerine
  • Fine Chemicals Manufacture.  For Example Friedel-Crafts, Hydrogenation, Chlorination, Condensation
  • Upstream Food Products.  For Example Seed handling and Edible Oil Production
  • Combined Heat and Power Facilities
  • Unconventional Gas Projects
  • Energy From Waste Production Facilities

We engage in contracts that range from just a couple of hours duration to those that might commit our consultants for several days / weeks.

CEDL holds a free advice surgery every Friday morning relating to the hazards of storing, handling and processing of flammable, toxic and explosive substances.
Engagement is by telephone, Skype or in person (The Heath Runcorn) and we work to 30 minute slots from 0900hrs.  To book your place, please email
r.spriggs@cedl.co.uk and indicate the date and time that would suit you best.