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We have considerable experience in the overall design of industrial / chemical process. It is at this stage in a project where the big impact on issues such as complexity, inherent safety, efficiency and maintainability can be made. Typical reports that we produce are Feasibility Study Reports and Concept Design Reports.

In the Feasibility Study the different credible process options are identified and reviewed and abest solution recommended

In the Concept Design Study a preliminary design is prepared which defines the process and serves asa definition of scope for detailed design. Both reports might typically includeproject cost estimates

The size and complexity of the processes we work with can vary from a simple process, forexample the supply of natural gas to a new boiler system through to a multi-million pound edible oil refining and storage project

We are often asked to size and specify industrial / chemical process equipment or systems.  This is best illustrated by example andseveral are given below;

Design Temperature and pressure Specification
Mass Balance Calculations
Heat Balance Calculations
Pipework Sizing
Pipeline Sizing
Selection of Pipework
Steam Systems Sizing Calculations
PFD Preparation
P&ID Preparation
Equipment Schedules
Valve and Line Schedules

Pump Sizing and Specification
Heat Exchanger Sizing and Specification
Tank Sizing and Specification
Pressure Vessel Sizing and Specification
Internal Coil Sizing and Specification
Control Valve Sizing and Specification
Relief System Sizing, Design and Specification

We will support our advice with written calculation andjustification. 

We can check your design if you require it.

We can operate independently of a project design team or we can integrate with an existing team and work with them.

CEDL holds a free advice surgery every Friday morning relating to the hazards of storing, handling and processing of flammable, toxic and explosive substances.
Engagement is by telephone, Skype or in person (The Heath Runcorn) and we work to 30 minute slots from 0900hrs.  To book your place, please email
r.spriggs@cedl.co.uk and indicate the date and time that would suit you best.